Looking to get your prog band or music noticed by people who are actually interested in it? We can link your talent with your ideal audience who wants to hear your music! We offer a range of services to market your music. Contact us for more information.

Album Reviews

Is your band releasing an album? Looking for a critical review to aid in your music promotions? We’ve got you covered. For the very fair price of $10, we offer a professional, detailed review of your single/EP/album that aims to consider every aspect of your music! This will include a link to Spotify/Bandcamp/Soundcloud and be promoted on Instagram and Facebook.

Public Releases

Press release or upcoming live shows? We can promote you and get your music seen and heard.

Much More!

Are there any services not mentioned that you think we can help you with? Please let us know.

Why do we charge for music reviews?

There are website costs that we must cover in order to provide this service and help out as many talented and credible artists as possible!

Want to grow your prog fan base?

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